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Quiet For The Past Few Days

Life on the farm has been pretty quiet the past few days. All of the animals have been handling the cold snap with ease this time around. Keeping water available is a bit of a challenge as I only have two heated buckets with no electricity availability for more. I have a heated bucket in with the babies and one in the large turnout pen with the does. The bucks have learned to get water at the time I pour into their bucket, so I make sure to bring it over several times a day. The does have buckets in their stalls and usually manage to drink most before it freezes. Looking forward to getting above freezing in the next few days.

Kidding is due to begin in the next couple of weeks. Just picked up some CMPK (at Co-Op in Ponderay) which is a calcium supplement, which helps does handle the kidding process easily, and keeps their levels up to reduce the possibility of hypocalcemia, which cost me the life of a great doe last season. My goats are typically fed alfalfa pellets and now a grass/alfalfa hay. This alone usually keeps their calcium levels correct but sometimes when they have triplets or quads, the babies can drain the doe of calcium. It's best to have this product on hand to catch any issues early so that hopefully we will get through the season with no losses this year.

Here is some basic info on hypocalcemia

Sales for the month of January have been great this year. We strive to at lease beat the sales figures from the same month the year before, or on a great month we look to double this figure. This January we managed to double our sales from January 2022. Thank you everyone that has stopped by the store in the past month. Your support is greatly appreciated.

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