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Our Milking Program


We feed only the best, top quality feed found in our area.


2-4 hours of browse daily on our 9+ acre farm during the summer months.


100% Grass Fed Dairy!!! We currently feed alfalfa & pea pellets and a locally sourced  grass alfalfa hay that is No grain.

Meet The Herd


Our Milking Program

Our goats are hand milked twice a day while milk supply permits. We let our animals cycle through their lactation naturally, which means we may be out of production part of the winter months, but is much better for the health of the animals. 

Antibiotics are used only in the case of an active infection, never to keep weight on or to improve production as is used in many factory farms. If a doe does require antibiotics, the milk is held for the recommended time period. This milk is sold as pet milk only and not for human consumption. 

All milking equipment and storage containers are washed with bleach each and every time used to insure healthy contact surfaces. Our milk typically lasts 2-3 weeks in the fridge if kept below 40 degrees. 

All milk is strained immediately upon reaching the processing facility and is the fridge and cooling within an hour of removal from the goat. This, along with our feeding practices means the best tasting milk is being produced. 

Idaho Raw Milk Program

It's What You Keep LLC operates under license from the Idaho Department of Agriculture. This permit allows us to sell raw milk to the public. Our products now include a raw milk warning label.

Get To Know Your Farmer

We are always happy to meet with people interested in our farm and farming practices. With all of the current health problems stemming from the food supply and factory farms, doesn't it make more sense to buy locally and get to know your producers. Here at the farm our family eats the same products your purchasing on a daily basis. We know the food is safe.

We do ask though, if you want to visit the farm, please text/email for an appointment.  Due to all of the scams and phishing I no longer answer the phone for numbers I not know so this is the fastest method to reach us.

Sustainable Farming

    Here at the farm we firmly believe in producing all products with the least impact to the environment. To this end we use containers for many of our products that can be reused in your home, or are recycled. 

     We use as much of our waste items like whey from the cheese making process as feed for our ducks and chickens.

     Manure is composted then used in the gardens and as fill for projects around the yard. 

     Our animals are allowed to cycle through the production season naturally. What this means is we do not force our birds to continue to produce out of their normal season like during the winter.  Yes, we will be out of products from time to time, but this is healthier for the animals.

     We hand milk our goats twice a day. We let their bodies dictate how much milk they produce. Again, this means we may be out of production for part of the winter which is healthier for the animals.

     Antibiotics are only used in the case of an active infection. We do not use them to to help maintain weight or production. All milk/eggs are withheld for recommended hold times so you will not have residue in your food.    

     Our milk processing and store facility is also partially powered by off the grid solar. 


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