Farn Fresh Eggs

Naturally Gluten & GMO Free

Our Chickens

We have a mixed flock of laying hens. Breeds include Polish and Black Astrolop These hens produce medium size brown eggs, perfect for just about any type of cooking.


Our laying flocks are fed only the healthiest non-GMO feed available. This feed has no corn or soy.
They also get kitchen scraps, bugs, and the occasional mouse. 

Our Ducks

We have a mixed flock of laying ducks which include Swedish Blues, Muscovey's, Harliquin's, Mallard's, Pekings and Cayuga's.

Duck eggs are larger and richer in flavor than chicken eggs. When baking you can use one duck egg for every 2 chicken eggs called out in the recipe.

Ducks 2 Jan 2018.jpg
Ducks Jan 2018.jpg
Ducks 1 Jan 2018.jpg
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