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Public Notice

This notice is to inform the public that the living man/woman Kenneth Robert Berntsen, Deborah Anne Berntsen, also known by the maiden name of Deborah Anne Jacobson have reclaimed our birthright political status as Connecticuter's,  currently domiciled in the State of Idaho.

Notice to Agents is Notice to Principals. Notice to Principals is Notice to Agents.

It's What You Keep was started quite by accident. Our youngest daughter was drinking about a gallon of milk a day so, my hubby said; "Let's get a goat." And that's exactly what we did. The business exploded from there. I made some cheese for the family and one of my daughters took some to a local party and shortly there after, our neighbors started screaming for cheese. 

We became licensed with the Idaho Raw Milk Program in August of 2012 and started selling out of the house and the Sandpoint Farmers Market that August.  We now offer our products at the farm in our farm store.

We are still growing and now produce over 20 flavors of goat cheese. We also sell raw goat milk, kefir, farm fresh eggs and loads of delicious goat cheese baked products. Some fresh veggies, and freeze dried foods are now available.

We are now, as of March 9, 2024 an American State National owned business. All U.S. Citizens and Federal Employees purchase at your own risk.

You are now responsible for paying your Idaho State Sales Tax. We no longer collect or submit these taxes. 



8710 Bottle Bay Rd

Sagle, ID 83860

Text 208-610-1747 

for best service. Please contact before make the drive to the farm.


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