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It's What You Keep LLC

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It's What You Keep 

Supporting Local Farming = Food Freedom For Your Family
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Helping you keep your health since 2012

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This is an American State National owned business. All U.S.Citizens and Federal Employees purchase at your own risk.

8710 Bottle Bay Rd. Sagle Idaho

Please Help Us Conserve Food

My husband and I were always taught the value of food and to waste as little as possible. To this end it is very hard for us to pick garden items just to have them on a shelf for display. We prefer to pick our fresh items at the time of order which gets you the freshest products possible. To help us as much as possible we ask that you place an order via this website prior to arriving at the farm.  This saves you time as we can have your items ready when you arrive. You no longer need to pay online to place your order.  

With food shortages looming in the very near future, please help us feed as many of our neighbors as possible by ordering ahead.

Thank you

Sandpoint Delivery

We deliver in downtown Sandpoint on Wednesday's at noon at Farmin Park across from the food court.

Other times/locations could be added if enough people get together to place an order.

Our Goats Are
Grass Fed
Hand Milked

Antibiotic Free

A difference you can taste

When visiting the farm please wait and allow us time to respond. We have sensors set up that let us know that you are there. Due to the farm work load I cannot be in the store at all times. I'm also getting older, and don't move as fast as I used to. Please be patient.
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